Case Study #2

Loblaw Head Office Renovation

Time Span: 15 months (2008-09)
Location: Calgary, AB
Value: $4.3 million
Type of Contract: Conventional

Description: The Loblaw head office is a three story office/administrative building that required improvements to the work environment, utilization of high quality finishes, and an expansion and upgrade to the kitchen/lunchroom. With this contract, we were working with a demanding schedule that had tight timelines. Each floor had a different completion deadline that was crucial to follow so all Loblaw employees could continue working through all renovations with minimal impact. The building housed very fragile IT equipment that we successfully transitioned through the renovation. As the project span across fifteen months, there were inevitable design changes that we adapted into the original plan. We worked with elevator trades to upgrade two elevator cars and various commercial kitchen trades to complete their new lunchroom.