Case Study #1

Loblaw Warehouse Renovation

Time Span: 12 months (2008-09)
Location: Calgary, AB
Value: $3 million
Type of Contract: Conventional

Description: The Loblaw Warehouse renovation dealt with an old building that required multiple upgrades. Loblaw’s construction objectives included creating a more efficient layout to utilize space and streamline warehouse processes as well as to improve the work environment for their employees. One construction criteria was for Loblaw to remain open and operating through the duration of the renovation. The Longboard team was able to provide design input to the warehouse renovation plan. We worked with the client to finalize a priority-based schedule of tasks that would meet their objectives. The priority based schedule was used as a cost control tool for the client and set out a phased approach to the project. In the process of the renovation, we recycled a majority of the metals on site.